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Donor Server Info
« on: January 15, 2009, 02:39:01 AM »
For a limited time, starting on October 25th, 2013, registration to the Stick Online V2 donor server will be open to the public. Anyone is welcome to download the game via the link below (registration is done via the game client). See the following topic for more information:

Download link:

Please note that even though registration is temporarily open for the creation of new accounts, the below (crossed out) rules still apply if you are looking to re-activate an old existing account.

Due to the enthusiasm of many of our fans, and our desire to thank those who have donated and helped support us over the years, I have decided to bring back the official Stick Online server for our most dedicated of fans! It has been our intention all along to reward the players who have helped keep the server up and support us over the games lifespan, but due to a number of circumstances we were never able to do so to the extent we had originally hoped before development on the old version stopped. Ever since it went down, I have had people trying to contact me left and right asking about both development status on the new version, as well as whether or not they will ever be able to play the most recent build of the game again. Because of this enthusiasm, I have relaunched an official server of the most recent Stick Online, and have even added a number of new things to the game. However, because I am hoping to devote the vast majority of my time towards the Stick Online remake (and not managing or bettering the old one), access will only be granted to the donors who have made this all possible (both past and future). I have put a lot of thought into this decision, and this is the most I am willing to offer from a practical level at this time. Ultimately, think of the donor server as a thank you to people who have supported Stick Online over the years. It is our full intention to continue offering Stick Online as a fully free to play game with the new version (V3).

It still costs a bit of money to keep things going. Therefore, we will require a minimum of $10 (USD) to have an existing account reinstated. Simply keep records of your donation information (amount, name used, email used, etc.), and once the donation is made send an email to (past donations included) with the following information:
  • Contributor Name (aka name of the person who actually performed the donation, as it appears in your donation verification email)
  • Email used for donation
  • Donation Amount
  • Donation Confirmation Number (see your verification email or PayPal account info)
  • Name of the game account(s)/character name you wish to be restored or created for you. Please specify whether it is a reactivation or new account request, and include your requested password if it is a new account. Player names must be between 3 and 12 characters in length.
We will email you back once your account has been activated with a link for the game download (it may take a day or two, please be patient).

Anyone who wishes to make a donation please use the following link:

Please remember that these are donations, not payments. I am doing this as a way to thank people who are supporting us, not a way to charge you or sell you something. Therefore, while we appreciate all donations, we can not promise anything out of this. We still hold the right to pull the plug on this if not enough people are interested or if something big were to happen down the road to force us to close the server again, and we also hold the right to deny service to people we feel would be a potential threat to the community. Donations are not refundable, and are handled through PayPal via a secure connection. Donations may be made using any currency that PayPal accepts, but must convert to at least $10 (USD). If you are activating an old account, please be sure you remember the password for it, as I am unable to retrieve or change lost passwords for you (if upon activation you find that you can't remember it, I will be able to swap it for/create a different account for you). Players are limited to one account activation per every $10 of donation.

Thanks again for all your support guys! From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate it!
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