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Consider this
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:00:46 PM »
Meiun this is directed completely at you, basically my question is this, would you ever think of releasing the stick online v2 client decompiled with the server? I feel at this point since the game has been dead for many years now, this should be a lot easier for you to seriously think aboutc compared to the old days. There are many game maker fluent people in this community and Iím sure thereís a good amount of people who youíve come to trust within the community, why not pass the torch to them? Instead of let this game die, which was a one of a kind game, that was played by hundreds of people in its hay day, pass it on to a trusted member of the community with the decompiled client and the server. Iím not talking about v3 but just solely v2. If you could think of doing this then it could open a lot more possibilities for the community, you can have sov3 but why not pass on sov2 for someone else to develop and carry on. If sov2 were to come back up and have semi regular updates and events Iím sure the community would come back over time. Just consider this, if you ever read this for that matter. If you do read this maybe give me some of your feedback from this suggestion. :)
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