Author Topic: What is Stick Online & Why is it currently donor only?  (Read 3788 times)

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What is Stick Online & Why is it currently donor only?
« on: June 27, 2009, 10:28:33 PM »
Stick Online is an action oriented MMO platformer that takes place in a seamless 2D world, filled with different areas, monsters, and player experiences. You are a Stickman on a mission to reach the top of the food chain, gaining powerful weapons and hats along the way. Battle it out with other players in PvP mode using your skill and tactics. As you level up, you gain stat points which you can spend in one of four stats (Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Intelligence).

In addition to this, events and holiday specials, are held at different times of the year, including tournaments, Xmas, Halloween, and Easter events. Every so often new items are still introduced, giving more edge to the game!

The current version of the game was open to the public for free for well over a year. However, as our focus has primarily shifted onto the development of an entirely new vastly improved remake of the game (built from the ground up), the server for the current version is now running primarily as a thank you to our donors (we do still do some occasional updates to it though!). Once this new and improved version is deemed ready, the game will once again be free and open to the public (there is currently no set release date for this). For information on how to obtain access to the current version of the game, please see the following forum topic:

Special thanks to Danimal for the majority of this summary
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